Three basic (and current) mistakes in Problem Solving

Success Problem

Even in the most performing organisations, people are confrontated to problems on a daily basis. What makes the difference between a high and a low performing organisation is the ability to solve efficiently the problems met on a daily basis. Low performing organisations simply take the problems as a bad chance and they are complaining about them to justify the low performance. High performing organisations take each problem as an opportunity to improve. Three basic mistakes in the Problem Solving process are: - Rush instead of thinking & acting fastly ; - Think too much and keep in the planning phase for many "good" reasons (meanwhile the problem has changed) ; - Run alone and not empower the team (no participative approach).


Anybody can be a problem solver: it is a question of sound sense, but it helps a lot to have methods & tools which proved sucessful in other organisations, to avoid those three basic mistakes and much more.


Our approach is first to empower everybody in the organisation as a problem-solver, giving the elementary principles, methods and tools, to provide an immediate and appropriate answer to preserve the quality and solve 80% of the problems where they occur. The next 20% are more complex issues which deserve more observation, investigation to detect the real root causes, planning and capitalization to learn and progress.



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