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MANAGERPORT® is an open internet portal with a unique knowledge nexus for anyone interested in management, where one can both download and upload valuable management experience and expertise.

The MANAGERPORT® logo visualizes an image of something akin to a Loch Ness monster, representing a mysterious and unexpected situation which emerges in the professional life of a manager, conveying the need for an immediate and impactful response based on the acquired skills.

The MANAGERPORT® platform provides a categorized and dynamic knowledge database, collected by qualified managers and diligent community members.

MANAGERPORT® is free to use for all users and is ready to further professional growth within the managers’ community.

The content provided by MANAGERPORT® users is not the property of MANAGERPORT® nor are MANAGERPORT® and contributors (authors) responsible for the consequences of using the advice from managerport.com.

Users shall not promote or sell personal, third party products or services through their Lessons, Questions, Links, Comments, User name or Job description. For permission to do so users must contact MANAGERPORT® operator directly. The contact is available on the MANAGERPORT® home page.

A community inherently depends on the day-to-day activity of its members; engaging in open discussion, ethics and respectful sharing.

Users are responsible for making sure communication, posts, comments and other activities safe and respectful when posting and using the MANAGERPORT® platform.

If a user clearly and or repeatedly breaches MANAGERPORT® Terms of Use or Policy Notice, the MANAGERPORT® provider has the right to disable the account of said user.

We try to make MANAGERPORT® available to a broad and diverse audience, but cannot guarantee the use of the MANAGERPORT® portal of a user account that has been previously disabled for breaches of MANAGERPORT® Terms of Use or Policy Notice

Managerport.com paid services includes professional events promotion and advertisement.

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2BCognitus (MANAGERPORT® provider) reserves the right to make changes to the portal’s Terms of Use at any time without notice.

The most current version of the MANAGERPORT® portal Terms of Use can be accessed by clicking on the “Terms of Use” link on the MANAGERPORT® Home Page.

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