How to get rid of stress through relaxation

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If stress grows into a chronic stage, it can lead not only to fatigue, irritability, but also to depression. Therefore, it is important to remove it or to learn to work with it.


Everyone is experiencing more or less stress today. It simply cannot be avoided. It is important that you learn how to process it. Stress is a risk factor for many diseases. These are not only cardiovascular diseases, but also obesity or depression. But fortunately everyone can find their way of relaxation.


Tips on how to relax even without a holiday: 1. Take a walk - At least 10,000 steps a day are recommended, so how many steps have you taken today? 2. Breathe - Deep inhalation and exhalation can delay any stress during the day. 3. Go for culture - Do you feel that you are living a stereotype? Do you go home from work and vice versa? Spice up the week by visiting a concert, museum or theater. *But my personal favorite, besides walking, is listening to music - Turn on your favorite song in times of stress or anxiety. According to Harvard Medical School, "Music therapy can alleviate stress and improve mood, even in people with depression."



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